Writing & Media

*media listed as of March 2 onward

March 2, 2017 “Polling stations to get electronic upgrade in 2019, speeding up voting process”, Global News

January 30, 2017. “Essex and Goodman: Internet voting will happen. Let’s make sure the research into how it happens is sound”, Ottawa Citizen. (with Aleksander Essex)

November 28, 2016. “Electoral Reform and Online Voting”, Policy Magazine.

November 3, 2016. Electoral Reform Conference, University of Ottawa.

October 24, 2016. “Internet Voting and Voter Turnout: Does the adoption of the voting reform in Ontario municipal elections positively affect voter participation?” Municipal Monitor. (with Leah C. Stokes)

September 26, 2016. Online Voting Roundtable.

August 23, 2016. Testimony to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

August 2016. “Understanding the Effects of Internet Voting on Elections: Results from the 2014 Ontario Municipal Elections.” Toronto: Centre for e-Democracy. (with Heather Pyman) Read key findings

November 2015. “Internet Voting Development in Ontario: Time for Overarching Standards”, Public Sector Digest. (with Nicole Wellsbury)

October 21, 2014. “Will e-voting boost turnout in Ontario municipal elections? The Globe and Mail.